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Alcantara - "Gateway to exotic Romblon. Its pebbled beaches and clear springs are sure to refresh and invigorate the stressed city folk"
Alcantara is one of nine municipality in Tablas Island. The history of Alcantara began in 1870. A group of intrepid settlers from Panay Island led by Gaspar Guevarra found settlement in this place originally referred to as “ Bista de Lawan” and “ Pueblo Guintigui-an” now called “ Daan Banwa” (Old Town). From being a mere barrio of Looc, Alcantara became the 13th municipality of Romblon province on March 21, 1961. President Carlos P. Garcia signed the Executive Order 4276 making Alcantara a municipality.

Alcantara lies in the south western seaboard of Tablas Island. It is bounded in the north by the municipality of Sta. Maria, in the west by Looc, in the South by Sta. Fe and in the east by Romblon Pass. 


Springs located in Camili, Calogonsao, Bonlao, San Isidro and Madalag will surely refresh and enhance the tourists. They offer fantastic sights and calm atmosphere.

CALAGONSAO BEACH – Located at Barangay Calagonsao, Alcantara. A beach right beside the national highway. Calagonsao has a pebble-covered shoreline. Its ocean floor is sandy and dips abruptly about 6 meters from the shoreline. A cluster of boulders jutting from the shore to about 10 meters into the sea provides for a perfect diving spot.

COVE AND BEACHES – Isolated coves and beaches are plenty where peace and relaxation is priceless.

MOUNTAINS AND FOREST – Mountain hiking. Relish the splendor of the picturesque landscape, listen to the gentle murmurs of the rivers, brave the secrets of dark caves and wander through the cool, lush, green woods of the forest.

AGLICAY BEACH RESORT – Located in Alcantara, Romblon. The Beach has a fantastic scenic nature’s view. With palm-fringed white sand and clear blue water. Feel the comfort which the island offers.

DRANVILLE BEACH RESORT – Located at Barangay Gui-ob. A place where you can feel the refresh air and see the clear waters of the sea.

TUGDAN BEACH – Located in Barangay Tugdan, Alcantara. This Beach in Tugdan is pebble-covered with a wide shoreline. The waters in this part of island are calm with a deep ocean floor.

BINAY-WE BEACH – It is located 1.2 Km. away from the town proper of Alcantara. It is partly shielded from the public’s prying eyes by bight boulders. A small cove with fine white sand, its waters remain calm the whole year around. One can hike going to the beach for it is about a kilometer away from the national road poblacion (city proper).
Welcome to the
"Marble  Country of the Philippines"
Major sources of income of the people are farming and fishing. The fishing grounds along the coastal areas of the municipality abound with mackerel, sea bass, tune, dilis, tanguigue, sapsap, and commercial tropical fish for aquarium. Forest products such as nito and huwag are abundant in some of its barangays.

Powered by Tablas Island Electric Cooperative and NAPOCOR supply by 57.75 percent of 2,740 household have electric services in Alcantara.

People in the town take Public Utility Jeepneys (PUJ), pedicabs, tricycles, and solo-motorcycles to and from neighboring towns other vehicles are privately owned by some residents.

Alcantara has one irrigation service with 37 service areas and three-community irrigations with 75 service areas. Potable water supply comes from jet pumps, open wells, artesian wells and springs.

Any investor tourist or vacationist will be free from worries to communicate with their loved ones, business associates and colleagues. Communications in Alcantara are supplied by Liberty Phones, PLDT and RCPI.

Agri business
Fish Culture and processing
Marble Mining and Processing
Cutflower Industry
Cottage Industries
Tourism Related Facilities
Other Non-Pollutive Industry

Alcantara lies in the south western seaboard of Tablas Island and this coastal town is only 15 minutes from Tugdan Airport. Travel time from Manila to Tablas is less than an hour. Effective February 2nd 2004, Flight DG605 of South East Asian Airlines will depart Manila Domestic Airport at exactly 1045 and ETA is 1145  in Tugdan airport in Alcantara, Tablas Island. The plane Flight DG606 flies back to Manila at exactly 1205 and ETA is 1305 in Manila Domestic Airport in Pasay City, in the afternoon of the same day. Normal fare is P2,790 while promo fare is P1,990. For online booking, visit SEAir website at:

For those who take the leisurely 10 hour sea trip of MV Virgin Mary of MBRS Lines from Manila’s Pier 8 to Odiongan port, which regularly departs every Monday and Friday at 5:00 PM, a one hour jeepney ride through lush farmland brings you to Alcantara.
Or take the Mary de Queen also of MBRS Lines at Pier 8 Manila, which departs every Wednesday at 5:00 PM. A 10 hour travel will you directly to the port of Odiongan.

Take Montenegro Lines every Sunday and Tuesday at 5:00 PM. Public Utility Jeep or tricycle stationed in the port will bring you to town proper. Or take Princess Colleen every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 5:00 PM. An 8 hours travel will take you directly to the port of Odiongan.

Municipal Tourism Council
Alcantara, Romblon

Municipal Mayor
Satellite Phone No.: 0981-992012
Romblon Tel. No.: (042) 198-59023
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