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Romblon consists of a cluster of islands and islets with a total land area of 1533.45 sq. km.  Its main island has hilly terrain with a maximum elevation of 444 meters at its southern part.
marble. It also takes pride in its natural wonders with its thick forest reserve that is home to exotic flora and fauna. It has clear mountain springs and waterfalls, palm-fringed white sand beaches, colorful tropical marine life and many other attractions. It has safe natural harbor and is also one of the most peaceful provinces in the Philippines. Aside from its tourist destinations, Romblon is rich in natural resources. Its mountains hold mineral and forest resources. Coconut trees and other fruit bearing trees abound. The shores teem with tropical fishes.

Moreover, the province is proud of its historical and cultural heritage. One other natural resource is its people, noted for their warmth and hospitality.

Development planners have named Romblon as one of the country's new investment area.

This is an invitation to come closer to nature and discover the many treasures and opportunities in Romblon.
The province lies on the Sibuyan Sea near the islands of Masbate and Mindoro almost at the center of the Philippine Archipelago.  It has 17 municipalities and 219 barangays, with Romblon as its provincial capital.

The province of Romblon was formerly called "Lomlon" or "Domblon".  It was organized into nine a politico-military district in 1853 and made a sub-province of Capiz.  In 1917, it was converted into a province.  In 1940, it was created into a special province with four municipalities namely Tablas, Romblon, Sibuyan ang Manghali.  In 1947, Romblon was proclaimed a regular province.
Strategically located in the center of the Philippine archipelago, the Province of Romblon is a cluster of 20 rustic and unspoiled islands. It is known as the "marble country" of the Philippines. Romblon however is not just
Fishing is a year-round activity.  The province is also largely agricultural with coconut, palay, corn and banana as major crops.
Romblon is known worldwide for its marble industry due to the marble deposits layered with an estimated 120 varieties of the mineral. Also, the province holds large deposits of kaolin clay, nickel, magnetism, quartz, silica, and zinc,copper, silver, limestone and sulfide ores.
A marble tiles and polishing machine used by a cooperative in Romblon, Romblon.
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