woodwork. The town of Romblon still retains vestiges of this once important craft in the adornments of old houses and public buildings. The Cathedral of Saint Joseph features fine woodwork done by local features fine woodwork done by local artisans. The massive doors and the Byzantine-style altars adorn the 18th century fortress church that forms a center point for a series of Spanish fortifications. San Andres and Santiago forts lie on two strategic hills above the town.
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Romblon..cruising capital of the Philippines
 Paradise under the sea
G2 - The "Empowering Mountain"
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Romblon consists of three main islands, Romblon, Tablas and Sibuyan and 17 smaller ones. The whole province is generally mountainous. Narrow strips of coastal lowland, low hills and plains characterize some of the islands. The little town of Romblon is its undisputes centre, officially called "Romblon on Romblon in 
Romblon". Fittingly, the motto of the local is "We're rumblin on" and they seems to "rumble on" very happily. The place is one of the prettiest in the Philippines with panoramic views reminiscent of the Meditterrenian islands. Romblon island is the country's main source of marble. Tablas is the largest and longest among the cluster of islands. The interior of the island is mountainous and in places very bare. The mango-shaped island of Sibuyan, second largest of the Romblon Group, consists principally of the Mount Guiting-Guiting massif. Reaching a height of 6725 ft, it is scarely in the alphine class, nevertheless it is considered a very difficult mountain to climb, and was not conquered until 1982.
The people of Romblon are mostly Visayans whose language is similar to Hiligaynon. However, there are marked differences between the dialects used in each island. Northern and eastern islanders incorporate more Bicolano words while the people in islands farther south
speak in a dialect more closely akin to Aklanon Visayan Romblon and the neighboring islands of Mindoro, Panay and Masbate have had a long history of contact. Part of the Visayan population in southern Mindoro and in southwestern Masbate can trace their origin to the islands. The people are mostly fishermen and farmers. Rice, coconut, and abaca are major products of the small farms on the islands. Fishermen harvest the bounty of the surrounding seas. Romblon is famous for its traditional weaving and basketry. Handicrafts are a major home industry in which the women are engaged. The province is noted, especially, for its fine and delicate crochet laces and bedspreads.
Color And Pageantry Abound At Romblon's Biniray Festival
Small souvenir eggs and animals, chess sets, nameplates, mortars and pestles and religious icons are a thriving industry. Slabs and blocks of marble are also sent to other regions of the Philippines to be used for construction, monuments and gravestones. Local artisans are also noted for their good
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Romblon is a cluster of twenty islands lying in the Sibuyan Sea that is practically at the center of the Philippine archipelago. It is south of Marinduque, west of Masbate, east of Mindoro, and north of Panay Island. Romblon is also called "Marble Country" and experts says that Romblon marble are equal to Italian marble in quality.
Travel Lows and Woes: The Closing Gangplank
How to get there in our province
Join us in preserving the eco-system of Tablas Island
Latest news about the planned mining exploitation of G2
The Last Frontier: Mt. Guiting-Guiting comes under threat. By FR. RAYMUN J. FESTIN
United Efforts in Sibuyan and Manila
Mabini Mobilization: Some 3,000 Islanders Attended
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I won't get old if this is the average daily view from a nipa hut in Brgy. Nasunogan in Banton Island, Romblon. by: rehtse56
A beautifully framed sunset of Curcuera in Simara Island, Romblon. by: rehtse56
One of my favorite view in Tablas Island is the picturesque village of Brgy. Carmen in San Agustin, Romblon. Photo by: Claro Madrilejos III
Bridging the gap. These young students happily negotiate the typhoon-damaged bridge in Brgy. Matutuna San Andres Romblon. By MilesPhotography
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RTG's video of the Month:  I took a side trip in Singapore for 36 hours on the way to Philippines just to see how is the Lion City looks like after my last visit 10 years back. But basically this time, I avoided the typical tourists spots and instead headed to the Little India and of course to the latest odd-looking structure, The Esplanade Mall.
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