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Bonbon Beach in the island of Romblon
during the 1st Philippine Hobie Challenge.
Bonbon Beach.....
Located at Brgy. Suwa, or three kilometers away from the town proper of Romblon. About half a kilometer in length with a width of approximately 18 meters, this shoreline is covered with fine white sands and features a gradually sloping ocean floor free of sea grass and sharp stones. Right across the beach is a small islet which is accessible by foot during lowtide. This islet has a secluded swimming area with a short stretch of fine white sand beach.
Tiamban Beach....
Located at Brgy. Suwa, or about three and a half kilometers from the town proper. The beach stretches to about 50 meters, its shoreline covered with fine white sands. Its features are much the same as those of Bonbon Beach except that it has a narrower beachfront.
Romblon Harbor is one of the safest and the most picturesque in the country. Photo by: Milex Fabula. All rights reserved 2003
Romblon Bay....
Located in Romblon town. reputed to be the best harbor in the country, Romboln Bay boasts a deep lanlocked bay. During inclement weather, inter-islands ships take shelter here. Facing the sea is the town proper of Romblon with colorful bancas and quaint houses.
Located off the coast of Romblon town. Logbon is the nearest islet to Romblon. It lies directly along the path of ocean - going vessels calling at this port. Among the three island barangays of Romblon town, only Logbon is practically surrounded with white sandy beaches. On the western side, in Brgy. Lanas, lies a long stretch of white beach. Spanning about one and a half kilometers and 30 meters wide. It has clear waters and a sandy ocean floor that drops abruptly. Approximately 50 meters away from the shore at the depth of about 10 feet are big black boulders. Brgy. Lanas is the most populated area in Logbon. Low-roofed houses of light materials are visible just behind the line of trees along the beach front. There are no lodging or dining facilities here. However, one can get a bed
and/or board from the friendly local folk.
Places of Interest
White sand beaches
Romblon is largely mountainous and rugged in terrain, the islands of Rombon are volcanic in origin. The highest peak, Mt. Guiting Guiting is 2,057 meters above sea level. The climate in Romblon falls under Type III category charecterized by seasons which are not very pronounced. From November to April it is relatively dry, and wet for rest of the year.
Located off the coast of Romblon town. An islet lying tranquil and undisturbed by the modern world, Alad has several stretches of beach on its southeastern portion. Generally of white sand and crushed corals, the shorefronts are wide and the waters are warm. The ocean floor slopes abruptly downwards and at about 15 meters out to the sea, at the depth of approximately eight feet, are scattered big boulders. Behind the line of trees along the shore are the houses of the local people. Since tourists rarely go this far, there are no lodging houses in Alad. Accommodations, one can try the local folks here. Pump boats ply the Alad-Romblon-Alad route on a twice weekly basis. Should one miss these bancas, there are fishermen who go to Romblon daily to bring their catch to the
market. These bancas can accommodate passengers for a fee
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