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San Andres - "Perhaps the nursery rhyme 'The old Woman, who lived in a shoe,' is adoptable to San Andres, for they have their version of the shoe. As Mother Nature likes to have her play, she gave the town a unique rock formation, since its shape resembles a shoe, they named it 'Sapatos Point'"
San Andres, a former barangay of Odiongan which became a municipality on 1920 is a coastal town on the north western portion of Tablas Island occupying an approximately 11,200 hectares land area. It is bounded on the north by the Municipality of Calatrava, on the South of Odiongan, on the East by San Agustin and on the West by Tablas Strait.

The present municipality of San Andres was formerly a native village settlement of nipa huts known by the name Parpaguha, after a bird’s name Parpaguha was a big and rare bird that had its nest among the thickets of trees along the river bank where settlement was located.

The first Spaniards to reach Parpaguha during the later half of the nineteenth century was Don Jose de Tiran, the military commander of Romblon who set out an inspection trip of the surrounding village. On reaching the place he was so tired and thirsty, shouting for water to drink, he ordered a guardia civil to fetch a glass of water from nearby well. The water turned out to be somewhat salty and the Spaniard yelled, “Salado” issuing an official order to that effect.

Sometime in 1882, a prominent resident of Salado named Rufino Leano who was later to become the organizer and the first priest of the Philippine Independent Church in the locality was unjustly accused of the crime by an influential Spaniard, Don Barcelo. Don Barcelo succeeded in having Leano imprisoned. With the type of justice in those days of Spanish administration, the helpless Leano was jailed without trial in the provincial jail of Capiz to which Romblon then belonged as sub-province.

A couple of years later, as Providence would have it, the Spanish Governor General Eulogio Despujol visited Capiz and asking the opportunity to appeal his case, Leano sought and audience with the official. Governor Despujol found Leano innocent and set him free. The latter, in gratitude to his saviour gave him back his liberty. On reaching back, his hometown petitioned the Provincial Governor to change the name of Salado to “Despujols” in honour of the Governor General. The petition was granted and for the second time the town had a new name.

The third change of name during the late years of President Carlos P. Romulo’s administration. Upon request of the residents of Despujols for the reason that their town’s name was sadly reminiscent of Spanish tyranny in the Philippines, Despujols was changed to San Andres. The new name is in veneration of the town’s patron Saint Andrew the Patron fisherman, and most of the people of San Andres even today, are fishermen by occupation.

The name changing was officialized in an executive order of former President Carlos P. Garcia, under the Republic Act 3358, AN ACT CHANGING THE NAME OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF DESPUJOLS, PROVINCE OF ROMBLON TO SAN ANDRES. Enacted June 18, 1961.

San Andres has a total land area of 75.50 sq. km. It has mountainous and stony areas. Portions of underused land area are also found here. The town has the following soil type: Mogpong Clay Loam, Tuguis Clay and Laylay Sandy Clay Loam.


SAN ANDRES BEACH – Located at the town proper of San Andres. Fine gray sands line the three-kilometer stretch of the San Andres shoreline. During the months of June to December, the waters of San Andres beach are ideal for wind surfing.

MABLARAN FALLS – Located at Barangay Linawan, San Andres, four and a half kilometers from the town proper. Mablaran falls, lies amidst lush greenery and wild foliage. The falls empties into a pool of cool, blue-green waters with a depth of about 20 feet.

SAPATOS POINT – A big rock with a very peculiar shape like of a shoe or sapatos, which is located at Barangay Mabini.

CAJIL CAVE – Located at Barangay Pag-alad. The visitors will surely feel the hair-raising of excitement upon setting their first step at the entrance of the cave.

BANGKO-BANGKO POINT –Located at Barangay Agpudlos. It is called Bangko-bangko because of the rare carving of the stones as if chairs. An exciting and thrilling place to relax while feeling the cool breeze of the asea.

BAL-ONG FALLS – An enchanted falls located at Barangay Mari Sur. Cool waters runs through the big rocks at the foot of the falls and flows all the way down to the cool brook.


People are into crop and livestock production. Vast area is devoted to rice production.


San Andres is supplied by Tablas Island Electric Cooperative (TIELCO) and NAPOCOR which provides 50% electricity on the total household of the area.


San Andres is level 3 water supply, one Private Irrigation and 20-service area. Community Irrigation project with 192-service area.


As with the rest of Tablas Island, San Andres is toured by its folk and tourists alike with solo motorcycles, public utility jeepneys and tricycles.


Odiongan Tel, PLDT and Liberty Phones provides communication services in San Andres. Globe and Smart cell phone signal is also available in certain areas, specially in coastal barangays.


Beaches and Resorts
Power supply installation
Livestock and poultry



Located in the western coast of Tablas Island, this hilly coastal town is a one and half hour drive from the Tugdan provincial airport after an hour travel from Manila airport. Travel time from Manila to Tablas is less than an hour. Effective February 2nd 2004, Flight DG605 of South East Asian Airlines will depart Manila Domestic Airport at exactly 1045 and ETA is 1145  in Tugdan airport in Alcantara, Tablas Island. The plane Flight DG606 flies back to Manila at exactly 1205 and ETA is 1305 in Manila Domestic Airport in Pasay City, in the afternoon of the same day. Normal fare is P2,790 while promo fare is P1,990. For online booking, visit SEAir website at:


For those who take the leisurely 10 hour sea trip of MV Virgin Mary of MBRS Lines from Manila's Pier 8 to Odiongan port, which regularly departs every Monday and Friday at 5:00 PM, a 30 minute jeepney ride through lush farmland brings you to San Andres.

Or take the Mary the Queen also of MBRS Lines at Pier 8 Manila, which departs every Wednesday at 5:00 PM. A 10 hours travel will take you directly to the port of Odiongan.


Take Montenegro Lines every Sunday and Tuesday at 5:00 PM. Or take Princess Colleen every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 5:00 PM. A 10 hour travel will take you directly to the port of Odiongan. a Public Utility Jeep station in the Harbor terminal will bring you to San Andres for 30 minutes drive.


Take Camille which departs Batangas every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:00 PM. A 10 hour travel will take you directly to the port of San Agustin. From the port of San Agustin, an hour and half drive of Public Utility Vehicle via Calatrava will bring you to the town of San Andres.


Municipal Guest House
Mortel Lodging House
RGF's Beach House and Bar


Municipal Tourism Council
San Andres, Romblon

Municipal Mayor

Satellite Phone No.: 0981-992039
OdionganTel: 0425675631
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