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San Fernando - "San Fernando welcomes visitors with a unique charm, and a great promise of peaceful, exciting and memorable stay This guarantee begins from the moment one-steps in, until the very last second of leaving the town's landmark. Dubbed as the Summer Resort Island of Sibuyan and the whole province of Romblon"
The historical town of San Fernando during the reign of the Shri-Visayan Empire in the 1250's the seat of the municipal government was on small settlement in Punta Kawit now known as Azagra. Dua to the scarcity of water, finally in 1903, transfer of the seat of the municipal government from Azagra to Pag-alad was effected with the name changed from Pag-alad to San Fernando, allegedly in honor of Ferdinand Magellan, according to history books discovered the Philippines.

San Fernando is a coastal area town located at the foot of the mountain. It lies on the southwestern portion of the island of Sibuyan, and is the biggest among the three towns comprising Sibuyan. Seventeen kilometers north is Magdiwang. The municipality has high and steep mountain ranges. Life in this island with its exotic forest and lust life of creatures is a paradise itself.

San Fernando has a total land area of 190,608.231 sq. km. the central part is mountainous and covered with verdant forests. Mt. Guiting-Guiting reaching to a height of more than 2,052 meter is the highest mountain the Province of Romblon. The other mountains are Mt. Sibuyan and Mt. Conico.

The municipality has an irregular coastline broken by beautiful presenting a view of long stretches of sandy beach shaded by fruit laden coconut palms, sheltering quaint fishing villages from Barangay Agtiwa to Canjalon.


CRESTA DE GALLO – A five-hectare kidney-shaped islet with verdant terrain sloping down to the powdery white sand beach and surrounded by beautiful corral reefs. The beach is rich with different species of marine life and an ideal place for swimming and scuba diving.

BUSAY FALLS – A scenic spot with natural pool is around 2.5 kilometers from Poblacion and located at Barangay Panangcalan. The upper portion is the water reservoir serving the Poblacion.

CANTINGAS RIVER – The pride of Barangay Taclobo is the natural swimming pool with a crystal water. The river is odorless, tasteless and ever-flowing cold where one could quench his thirst while swimming. It has a cottage with a conference hall.

LAMAO LAKE – Seven hectare natural lake in Barangay Azagra.

LAGTING FALLS/CAMP CHRIST IN THE MOUNTAINS – This hideaway scenic spot with a basin like natural pool is 3 kilometer away from Poblacion and located in Barangay Taclobo. This falls is a refreshing place to immerse during this hot summer. It has two natural swimming pools with clean water and has several cottages available around the area. It also a part of the Camp Christ in the mountains where seminars and retreats are conducted.


The municipality has various establishments including general merchandise stores, construction and welding shops, furniture outlets, funeral homes, rice mill, bake shops, catering services and cable TV stations. Fishing provides the main source of livelihood for the residents in San Fernando. The Sibuyan sea and Cresta de Gallo serve as a fishing ground due to its abundant marine animals like mackerel, sea quartz, tuna, dilis, tanguigue, lapu-lapu, tropical fish and bangus to name a few.


National Power Corporation implements in San Fernando 650 kW. Major power substation facilities 1,025 kW. ROMELCO also implement power in 39.93 percent household have electric service.


San Fernando has the Cantingas irrigation system, the province national irrigation system servicing 384 hectares. Some households depend on individual potable distribution which comes from jet pumps, deep wells and springs.


There are three telecommuniciation centers in San Fernando: Liberty Phones, PLDT and RCPI that offers communication services nationwide and worldwide.


San Fernando means of transportation relies on light vehicles, truck, motorcycles, and tricycle.


Fish Culture and Processing
Marble Mining and Processing
Cut Flower Industries
Cottage Industries
Tourism Related Facilities
Other Non-Pollutive Industries



Take MV Mary the Queen of MBRS Lines at Pier 8 Manila, the departure time is 5:00 o'clock PM every Saturday to Cajidiocan port. From Cajidiocan, a travel to reach San Fernando by jeepney lasts for 30 minutes.


One can travel through Princess Camille of Shipshape Ferry, which departs every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon, from Magdiwang a two hours travel by jeepney will take you to San Fernando.


Sea Breeze Inn
Jen Mar Lodge


Municipal Tourism Council
San Fernando, Romblon

Municipal Mayor

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PLDT. No.: 109-042-1981-604
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